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Committees & Task Forces

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Rochester Regional Health Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is the focus of several committees, task forces, and data groups focused on building and operationalizing our commitment to ensuring a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community.

DEI Committee

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee has representation from across the system, supporting the reach of Diversity, Equity & inclusion and its impact as ambassadors that drive and cultivate an equitable and inclusive workplace.

Task Forces 

Our Task Forces were launched with three very intentional focus areas–Workplace Culture, Physician Recruitment and Retention, and Community Health Disparities. These groups work to support initiatives related to our pillars (patients, employees, community and data), and allow us to strategically build an equitable healthcare system. 

1. Physician Recruitment and Retention

The Physician Recruitment and Retention Task Force is working toward the broader goal of building a sustainable infrastructure to attract, recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

Through our assessments, we have determined a more specific need for intentional focus on the recruitment and retention of ethnically diverse physicians.

Retaining talent is equally important and attracting it. We want our physicians to be engaged in an inclusive environment that allows us to deliver better care to our patients, our community and promotes a healthy and productive work culture.

2. Workplace Culture

Workplace culture impacts staff experience, satisfaction, productivity, and retention. We strive to inspire a shared responsibility for our workplace, the value of diversity and the intentional actions to support a more welcoming and inclusive culture.

We are focused on providing an atmosphere of compassion, kindness and inclusivity. The workplace culture task force focuses on insuring our RRH employees feel respected, included and valued by providing education and awareness opportunities, understanding employee experience and taking time for celebrations and recognitions.

By building and fostering a positive and equitable workplace culture is essential, our Task Force meets regularly to discuss best practices and implementation to support our health system.  

3. Community Health Disparities Task Force

Rochester Regional Health and the Community Health Disparities Task Force is committed to achieving health equity in our communities, which means eliminating the disparities in health and its determinants. Our Task Force is reducing health disparities through targeted interventions, community outreach and education.

Our community conversations were created to discuss the importance of COVID-19 vaccines for our communities but have grown to include so much more. We are working tirelessly to strengthen health literacy by expanding these conversations to include information on health and wellness and preventative screenings. 

Diversity Data Council

Our data drives and anchors all Diversity, Equity & Inclusion work at Rochester Regional Health. It allows us to quantify equity, measure behaviors/actions, and identify inequities and disparities. The Diversity Data Council works cooperatively across teams within the system to ensure we have the means of building comprehensive infrastructure that allows us to optimize technology to maximize capital usage, enhance patient experience and employee productivity.  We also understand that numbers are attached to people, and we humanize our data when exploring patient outcomes and experience, workforce planning and community needs. 

Encouraging Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We let the needs of our patients, employees, and the community drive the compassionate, equitable care you’ll receive at Rochester Regional Health. The work of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Rochester Regional Health is focused on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion for our entire health system and the communities we serve.
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