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Executive Leadership Team

  • Eric Bieber

    Eric Bieber, MD

    President, Chief Executive Officer

  • Hugh Thomas

    Hugh Thomas

    Chief Administrative Officer General Counsel Executive Vice President

  • Robert Mayo

    Rob Mayo, MD

    Chief Medical Officer Executive Vice President

  • Thomas Crilly

    Thomas Crilly

    Chief Financial Officer Executive Vice President

  • Janine Schue

    Janine Schue

    Chief Human Resources Officer Executive Vice President

  • John Glynn

    John Glynn

    Chief Information Officer Executive Vice President

  • Michael Nazar

    Michael Nazar, MD

    Executive Vice President, Medical Groups

  • Melissa Sears

    Melissa Sears

    Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Senior Vice President

  • Bridgette Wiefling

    Bridgette Wiefling, MD

    Senior Vice President, Primary Care and Ambulatory Specialty Institute

  • Emily Obanion

    Emily O'Banion

    Senior Vice President, Integrated Healthcare Delivery

  • Ralph Pennino

    Ralph Pennino, MD

    Senior Vice President, Speciality Medicine & Surgery Group, System Chair of Surgery

  • Joe Vassile

    Joseph Vasile, MD

    President, Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association

  • Michele Grazulis

    Michele Grazulis

    President, Rochester Regional Health Foundations

  • Debbie Stamps

    Deborah C. Stamps EdD, MBA, MS, RN, GNP, NE-BC

    System Vice President, Quality, Safety Institute

  • Michael Waller

    Michael Waller

    Director, Sustainability Special Assistant to the CEO