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Record Group 19

19.1 Military Collections-General

19.2 Base Hospital 19, WWI 1917-1920

19.3 19th General Hospital, AUS, WWII 1940-1950

19.4 Florence Nightengale Post, American Legion- 1919-Present

19.5 Dr. Ralph Fitch's Hospital in France, WWII

RG-19.3 19th General Hospital, AUS, WWI 1940 - 1950

10 boxes, 1 drawer maps (7 linear ft.)

Arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

The collection consists of general history materials: clippings; individual members’ papers; an extensive array of photos of hospital, staff and patients and locations; scrapbooks; unit citations; regalia and exhibit materials. Also includes 19th General Hospital Vets Assoc. materials, maps; writings; and misc. regalia also included.

The 19th General Hospital was organized in April 1941, at Rochester (N.Y.) General Hospital, using hospital staff. In November 1943, 19th General Hospital started to operate at Blackmoor Park, England. The unit moved to a staging area in May 1944, and landed on Utah Beach (France) 16 August, and set up a 1,000 bed general hospital at LeMans on 20 August 1944. On 15 February 1945, moved to Nancy, where it remained until the end of the war.