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Record Group 2

Record Group-2 Women's Boards

2.1 Board of Lady Managers 1884-1922

2.2 Women's Board of Managers 1921-1941

2.3 Women's Auxiliary Baord 1942-1960

2.4 Women's Board 1963-1980

Record Group 2.1 Board of Lady Managers 1884-1922

9 Volumes, 3 (linear ft.)

This collection is organized into the following sub-groups: The original manuscript minute books of the Rochester City Hospital Board of Lady Managers (1864-1924); Sarah Dewey Perkins’ compiled diary (1865-1910); Lady Board of Managers Correspondence (1914-1919). Subscribes list for the Hospital Review (1865-1902) Out of Town Mailing Book of subscribers to the Hospital Review (1874); Harriet Terry’s Receipt Book (1881-1891); Hospital Review Cash Account book (1874-1878); Hospital Review Receipts and Expenses (1878-1880); Hospital Review Receipts and Expenses (1880-1886); Hospital Review Treasurer’s books (1886-1902).

Historical Note: The Rochester General (City) hospital was founded in 1847. The Board of Lady Managers was established by request of the City Hospital Board of Directors in November of 1863. The Board of Lady Managers was made up of the leading women of the Rochester community taken from the Rochester Female Charitable Society. Some prominent women as Mrs. M. Strong, Mrs. N. T. Rochester, Mrs. George H. Mumford, Mrs. Danforth, Mrs. Perkins, Mrs. Whitney, Miss A. Mumford, Mrs. Hoyt, were just some of the women who sat on the Lady Manager’s Committee Board.

Summary: The Lady Managers record group consists of manuscripts left by the prominent women of Rochester, legal documents, executive minutes, board minutes, correspondence, brochures, pamphlets, records of the Nurse’s Tea’s, Twigs members, Treasurer’s books, social service records associated with the hospital, and financial records. This historic collection is impressive with its original Lady Managers, allowing us to view the process of organizing the Rochester City Hospital from 1864. The records also show during the Civil War the number of soldiers sent to City Hospital.

Record Group 2.2 Women’s Board of Managers Records, 1891-1946.

4 (linear ft.).

This collection is organized into the following sub-groups: Women’s Executive Board Minutes (1922-1929); President’s Books (1938-1941); Women’s Board of Managers Minutes (1930-1940); Women’s Board of Managers Committee Reports (1926-1945); Women’s Board of Managers Miscellaneous Committees (1933-1945); Women’s Board of Managers Treasurer’s Reports (1894-1945).

Historical Note: The name change from the Rochester City Hospital to the Rochester General Hospital is recorded within this record group. This collection by the Women’s Board illustrates how they carried on daily and monthly business of managing the hospital. One of the prominent members of the Executive Board was Mrs. Hoyt. Hospital reports are found within this record group on the number of patients admitted; births; deaths; types of rooms patients had; surgical reports from the operating room; the reports of the numbers of ambulance calls, ordinary to hurry (emergency) calls; and the reports on Out-Patients, prescriptions, treatments, and X-rays. This collection has historical information such as a hospital prayer handwritten, handwritten accounts in a leather bound notebook for the ‘Mary Bed’ (endowed bed) for ‘City Hospital’ dating from 1891 to 1924; and personal letters.

Summary: These records include: the Executive Board Minutes; Women’s Managers Minutes; Women Managers Committee Minutes; the President’s Book; Women Managers Miscellaneous Committee Minutes; the minutes to the Women Manager’s Social Service Committee; and the reports of the Treasurer.

Record Group 2.3 Women’s Auxiliary Board Records, 1933-1960.

6 (linear ft.).

This collection is organized into the following sub-groups: the Women’s Auxiliary Board, President’s book (1942-1946); Board Minutes (1945-1954); Recording Secretary (1953-1960); Committee Reports (1945-1960); Bylaws Committee (1933-1959); Revised Bylaws (1960); Individual Committees (1941-1955); Correspondence Secretary (1952-1958).

Historical Note: The Women’s Auxiliary Board, President’s Books gives listings of Who’s Who membership on Board committees and the Board of Directors. The recording secretary has recorded the attendance at committee meetings along with any correspondence she had done during her time as recording secretary. This collection also has the Bylaws and the revised Bylaws. The individual sub-committee minutes including the Public Relations Committee meetings; list of committee members from 1936-1937 Executive Committee; and handwritten script minutes on the Children’s Committee. Reports, correspondence, and reports can be found within this collection.

Summary: This collection preserved the Committee Minutes; names of Women’s Auxiliary Board members, Public Relations Committee Minutes; the Executive Committee Minutes; the Bylaws and Revised Bylaws; and the handwritten minutes from the Children’s Committee.

Record Group 2.4 Women’s Board Records, 1961-1980.

3 ½ (linear ft.).

This collection contains the following sub-groups: Women’s Board Minutes (1962-1978); Secretary’s Book (1961); and the Committee Reports (1961-1977); Bylaws (1948-1974); Nominating Committee (1960-1978); Nursing Committee-Miss Noonan’s File; Annual Reports (1974-1978).

Historical Note: This collection dates from 1961 to 1980, containing the Women’s Minutes of meetings regarding the hospital. The Secretary’s Book are records of Board meeting attendance; Order of Business; Manual of Officer’s; and the Committee’s Directory of Active Board Members of 1961; the Women’s Board Meeting Minutes-Westside Division-December 11, 1961. The Committee Reports contain correspondence; Bylaws and manuals; Nursing Education; Social Services; Dietetics and Housekeeping; Women’s Board Nominating Committee; Committee Reports; Annual Reports; Quarterly Reports; and Financial Reports.

Summary: The Women’s Board record group consists of minutes; attendance records for sub-committee meetings; Committee Directory; the meeting minutes from ‘Westside Division; Bylaws; Quarterly Reports and Financial Reports of Receipted Bills, and banking information,(1977-1980).