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Student Summer Research Experiences

The Rochester General Hospital Research Institute (RGHRI) offers college and medical students the opportunity to participate in laboratory or clinical research every summer. The selection process is very competitive and is based on the application submitted and the availability of scientists and physicians to serve as mentors.

At this time we are offering positions in the Center for Infectious Diseases and Immunology. While we consider college students in any year, preference is given to students entering their third or fourth year after they have acquired basic knowledge in the biological sciences. 

Applications for internships are accepted on a rolling basis ending February 28th. Applicants will be informed by March 10th.


Our expectations of student summer research applicants are:

  1. A commitment of 10 weeks for the experience. Beginning late May/early June and ending in early August.
  2. We discourage any breaks but a week somewhere along the line is acceptable.
  3. We expect you will work about 20 hours per week.
  4. You will be mentored by a scientist in the Center for Infectious Disease and Immunology.
  5. At the end of the summer we expect a paper to be written that is usually 8-10 pages similar to a scientific paper, including: 
  • Introduction (What is the area of research of the project?)
  • Methods (What methods in the lab were applied to the project?)
  • Results (What results were generated?)
  • Discussion (How did this research advance the field?) This includes references to the papers you have read during the summer.

We pay a modest stipend ($200 per week).

We are particularly interested in students with prior lab experience and those who might do a second summer or a project for credit with us.