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Rochester General College of Health Careers

Education through creative pathways and partnerships

Who We Are

College History

The Rochester General College of Health Careers (RGCOHC) is honored to be a part of Rochester Regional Health. Together with Rochester Regional, we share a mission of enhancing lives and preserving health by enabling access to a comprehensive, fully integrated network of the highest quality and most affordable care, delivered with kindness, integrity, and respect. Rochester Regional Health has a long-standing tradition of providing health care education to support the needs of the Rochester community, and health profession education is an essential part of the organization's mission, vision, and values. 

RGCOHC is a private, independent, not-for-profit academic institution entity of the Rochester Regional Health System. In September 2020, the New York State Board of Regents approved the College of Health Careers as a degree granting institution. The first degree program is an Associate in Applied Science with a major in nursing - an LPN to ADN program. Rochester Regional Health is home to the Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing, which offers a practical nurse certificate. 


We are dedicated to preparing adult learners with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to pursue health careers, advanced education, and lifelong learning.


Our vision is to be a community leader in health care education through creative pathways and partnerships.


Health care that is grounded in the biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual sciences provide the foundation for our philosophy and beliefs. 

We believe in promoting, maintaining and restoring the health of individuals and families, including a peaceful, dignified death.
We believe in providing safe, culturally sensitive, individualized, patient-centered care for diverse individuals and families across the lifespan in a variety of settings.
We believe that professional values guide interactions with individuals, families, and other members of the health care team.
We believe health care professionals have a duty to demonstrate professional behaviors by exhibiting accountability for their actions, meeting the health care needs of patients, and assuming legal responsibility for the care they provide.
We believe that health care professionals demonstrate professional identity by upholding their commitment to the public and by adhering to an established code of ethics.

The faculty and staff of RGCOHC education and prepare graduates to:

  • contribute to the promotion of wellness
  • use clinical judgment to identify current and emerging patient problems
  • function as advocates for individuals and families
  • demonstrate leadership by guiding and directing assistive personnel to provide safe, quality patient care within their state's scope of practice
  • to provide care–including patient education–using established evidence-based protocols and best practices to achieve positive clinical outcomes

We believe that students who graduate from our college ARE ready to practice in a complex and changing health care environment.

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College of Health Careers

Our private and modern facility was designed for the sole purpose of training students enrolled in health career related programs.

Financial Aid

For financial aid information, please call: (585) 974-5500 or email: [email protected].

For questions about student account billing, program costs (billed tuition and fees), and self-pay installment plan information, please call (585) 922-4034 or (585) 922-1423 or email:  [email protected]

Institutional Goals

We aim to establish a progressive, degree-granting institution that will serve as a conduit for educational training for years to come. We'll achieve that by promoting best practices in teaching and learning and reaching for the following goals: 
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Academic Programs

Offering programs and training that engages and prepares diverse populations for professional and career growth

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Contributing to the economic growth of the community through workforce development and job placement initiatives

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Creating a diverse workforce population to better meet the needs of those seeking health care services in Rochester

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Developing comprehensive, collaborative partnerships to expand the engagement and commitment to our community

Key Rochester General College of Health Careers Priorities


Nursing Associate of Applied Science Program

The Associate Degree Nursing Program is a pathway program that will allow LPNs from an accredited and/or NYSED approved program to transfer into the program at the RGCOHC. This program is designed specifically for the LPN and will build upon the knowledge/skills that the LPN brings while focusing on role transition of the LPN to RN, specifically further development of clinical judgment and critical thinking. The completed foundation of general education courses is key to this transition.

Overall Program Goals

  • Develop competent entry-level registered nurses with the skills needed to adapt to rapid changes in health care deliver
  • Function as caring practitioners across diverse practice settings
  • Establish a foundation for lifelong learning
  • Work with and provide care for individuals of diverse groups in a multicultural community
  • Provide an educational model that is sensitive to the needs of a diverse student body

End of Program Goals

  • Deliver patient-centered care across the lifespan using clinical judgment, critical thinking, and cultural sensitivity
  • Incorporate ethical, legal, regulatory, and best practice standards into care delivery
  • Collaborate with members of the health care team to achieve quality patient outcomes
  • Integrate informatics and technology into the practice of nursing
  • Participate in quality and safety measures to improve patient outcomes
  • Demonstrate leadership in multiple health care settings

Our end of program student learning outcomes are derived from the mission, philosophy, curriculum framework, and organizing concepts and structure of the nursing program.

AAS Program Outcomes 2023