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PN 100 - Anatomy and Physiology

This Practical Nursing course focuses on three unifying themes–the relationship between physiology and anatomy, the interrelationship among organs and systems, and the relationship of each organ system and homeostasis. The course is organized by body systems in a sequence to facilitate understanding as well as to correlate with other, future courses. Theory will be presented to promote a sound foundation for application to nursing courses and to serve as the bases for further study in nursing.

PN 101 - The Fundamentals of Nursing

The Practical Nursing course provides an introduction to nursing and the roles of the nurse. Emphasis is placed on the knowledge and skills needed to provide safe, quality care. We present the theoretical foundation for nursing skills and give students an opportunity to learn and demonstrate basic nursing skills in the classroom and laboratory setting.

With the goal of engaging students in real-life scenarios and enhancing active student learning, we utilize simulation. Students will be engaged in evidence-based scenarios that support best practices and provide students with a safe and supportive learning environment. Learn more about this course from the Course Syllabus.

PN 200 - Medical/Surgical Nursing Care

This Practical Nursing course focuses on the care of adult and older adult clients with common medical/surgical health problems. Emphasis is placed on physiological disorders that require management in an acute care facility. Clinical experiences will provide students with the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts and implement safe client care in selected acute care settings.

Clinical settings provide chances for students to utilize knowledge from fundamental nursing concepts and continue to build skills to provide safe, competent care to adult clients experiencing common alterations in body systems. Skill development will focus on data gathering, beginning understanding of client records in regards to physical, diagnostic and laboratory reports, medication administration, oral reporting, and written documentation. Read more about Practical Nursing II in the Course Syllabus.

Prerequisites required:

  • Successful completion of Anatomy and Physiology with a grade of at least 75%
  • Successful completion of Practical Nursing I with a grade of at least 80%

PN 300 - Practical Nurse Role Readiness

This third Practical Nursing course represents students' acquisition of knowledge and skills in critical thinking, teamwork, and professional nursing skills. The Practical Nurse Role Readiness courses have been designed to prepare students for their graduate roles. Trends in nursing, leadership skills, graduate employment opportunities, ethical legal issues, and advanced medical-surgical skills will be presented. Students will work and study collaboratively as group presentations are prepared and presented to faculty and peers. Read more about Practical Nursing III in the Course Syllabus.

Prerequisites required:

  • Successful completion of Practical Nursing II with a grade of 80% or better