Chemical Dependency Outpatient Services

Recovery on Your Schedule

Busy schedules can make it difficult to get the care you need, which is why our Outpatient Services Program meets you where you are. Our telemedicine support is available immediately, and enrollment in our video/telephonic groups is available the same day as your admission. Don’t let timing stand in the way of your health and happiness–we will meet you and make your recovery as accommodating as possible.

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Tailoring your treatment to your busy, full schedule has never been so easy. Not only do our outpatient services allow you to start the same day you enroll, but they are also available when you need them.

Wellness and Symptom Management 

There is no judgment when you walk through our doors or speak to us on the phone. We don’t just want to help you through your recovery, but we want to motivate you to do what you think is best for your life and body.

Your first visit will be a one-on-one evaluation with a member of our staff–a peer or a provider–that will help to identify your needs and work towards developing your plan. Here, we work collaboratively. You are deeply involved in your care, and your opinion and needs are carefully assessed at every step.

As you move through the stages of recovery, your treatment will move with you. No two recoveries are the same, and our experienced team is uniquely prepared to pivot and adapt as we work towards your recovery.

Stress Management in Recovery

Research shows that stress can be a trigger for relapses. Because of this, we have created a program that folds stress release into your recovery, helping you find personalized strategies to manage your stress and other triggers.

Recognizing how your body responds to stress and other triggers allows us to keep you on the road to recovery. Our team will help you discover healthy ways to cope and manage any stressful cravings or relationships – now and in the future. 

Navigating Family Relationships

Family and loved ones play an integral role in recovery. Commonly, families impacted by substance abuse develop dysfunction to cope, which can damage family dynamics, ruin trust, and cause communication issues.

Each person’s recovery is unique and family relationships can reflect that. Individualized counseling and support groups are available as options for both individuals and their family members who might be included in their recovery.

Our team works tirelessly to help you and your family members work towards achieving and maintaining sobriety, while also strengthening your relationships.

Impaired Driver Program

If you have been convicted of a drug or alcohol-related driving violation, the state may revoke or suspend your license. Participating in this program can make you eligible for a conditional license or driving privileges.

Spread out over seven weeks, this 16-hour program focuses on reducing the risk of a person operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol again.

Adolescent Services

Our Behavioral Health Program offers a variety of adolescent services to help adolescents, teens, and their families if they are struggling. Our evidence-based therapeutic interventions encourage the development of coping strategies and problem-solving skills, as well as improved socialization skills and open communication.

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Online Chemical Dependency Therapy

Private, convenient, and flexible care on your terms. Whether at home, in the community, or our clinics - recovery comes to you.

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Recovery Has No Limits

Rochester Regional Health’s recovery support services provide personalized programs to meet the needs of each individual and their personal challenges. Let us help you recover using the latest treatments and support services carefully crafted to fit your life.
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