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Treatments for kidney disease and hypertension

Rochester Regional Nephrology is dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of people with all types of kidney (renal) disorders and hypertension. We unite clinical expertise with state-of-the-art technology and exceptional care to ensure that each patient benefits from the latest medical advances and personal attention.

Our team includes nephrologists, specialist nurses, dietitians and social workers, whose knowledge and skill encompasses all disciplines that contribute to the optimal care of our patients. They will help you and your family feel comfortable at our facilities and address your unique condition with sensitivity.

We offer comprehensive services to both outpatients and inpatients. For your convenience, all services are offered in facilities with secure parking, surface-level entry and comfortable treatment rooms.

Nephrology is the specialty branch of internal medicine concerned with kidney function and diseases. A nephrologist is a licensed medical physician trained in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disorders, such as electrolyte imbalances, hypertension, kidney stones and renal failure. A nephrologist is often referred to as a “kidney doctor.”

To become a nephrologist in the U.S. requires many years of schooling and clinical training. After medical school, a nephrologist must complete at least three years of residency in general internal medicine, followed by two or more years of specialized training in nephrology.