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The Rochester Regional Health Spine Center offers comprehensive non-surgical procedures, minimally invasive surgery and traditional surgery to treat spine injuries and disorders, including conditions involving the neck and lower back.

When to seek treatment for back and neck pain

Back and neck problems can affect your life in many ways and finding the underlying cause of your specific issue may not be an easy task. If back or neck pain is affecting your quality of life, it is time to seek medical care.

Most back pain and problems do not immediately require surgery; however, the pain that you may be experiencing could be connected to a more serious problem. Early recognition and treatment of spine injuries and conditions can reduce your chance of later complications and loss of function.

Conditions we treat

• Back pain and injury
• Coccyx fracture
• Complex spine problems (associated with growth disorders)
• Degenerative disease (cervical spine, disc)
• Herniated, prolapsed or ruptured discs
• Infections of the spine
• Kyphosis
• Myelomeningocele (spina bifida)
• Neck pain and injury
• Neuromuscular disorders
• Trauma
• Tumors 

Compassionate care 

We focus on providing high-quality services and compassionate patient care. You will find our physicians and entire team friendly and approachable; we will explain your condition and treatment in plain language. Our easily accessible facility features state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology.

Our treatments are evidence-based, which means they are based on professional experience, and supported by the best available research and clinical practice. Our comprehensive array of services allows us to design the most effective treatment plan for your needs. Your individual plan may include a combination of non-surgical and surgical treatments, including:

  • Initial spine consultation by a physiatrist or neurologist
  • Diagnostic imaging/radiology (such as a CT scan or MRI)
  • Interventional, non-surgical spinal procedures
  • Physical therapy
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Traditional or minimally invasive neurosurgery

Patient Education and Resources

 Whether you've had your issue for years or you're just starting to learn about a specific condition, we've collected some helpful resources for you to use during your research.

Referral and Admissions

The Rochester Regional Spine Center is unique: we have a special process for coordinating your care that starts the minute we begin working with you. This helps us to make sure that you're seeing the right type of provider in the shortest possible amount of time.

Here's how it works:

  1. You make a simple, 15-minute phone call during which we ask you about your symptoms and medical history so that we can understand the challenges you may be facing.
  2. Our doctors review your information and identify the most appropriate provider.
  3. Within three days, our nurse navigator calls you to schedule an appointment to start your treatment.

Once you begin treatment, our nurse navigator continues to check in with you to be sure that your treatment is effective. You and your nurse navigator can decide whether you need to continue your current treatment or change direction, if necessary.

You don't need a referral: to start your journey, call the Spine Center at 585.723.7705 (initial intake).

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Outcomes and Results

Our experience, expertise and commitment add up to one thing: results. We work with each and every patient to achieve the best possible outcome. And together, we are successful. 

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