Meet our Spine & Pain Care Team

Our Expert Team

We are home to board-certified physiatrists, neurologists, interventional physicians, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other experts who work together, taking an evidence-based and supportive approach to evaluating and treating your pain or spine condition.

Because we bring experts from a range of specialties together as one team, we pair you with the right provider and right treatment based on your unique condition in the shortest amount of time possible, putting you on the path to recovery quickly.

Pain Management Experts

Neurosurgical Spine Experts

Orthopaedic Spine Surgery Experts

Our Nurse Navigator Model of Care

At the Spine & Pain Center, we recognize that navigating the continuum of care can be overwhelming. To assist, we assign a Nurse Navigator to guide you through your healthcare journey, from evaluation and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation.

Your Nurse Navigator will coordinate all aspects of your care, including referrals and recommendations to specialty providers of alternative pain management techniques. Your Nurse Navigator is available to answer all of your questions and will offer resources and education regarding the planned course of treatment.

Our unique approach helps ensure you find the path to feeling your best.

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Is Pain Management Right for You?

If you have been suffering from unwelcome pain, a comprehensive and balanced, minimally-invasive pain management plan might be right for you. We offer a team approach to ensure that people with pain can improve their quality of life, increase their functioning and reduce their suffering.
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