Orthopaedic Conditions & Treatments


Expert Treatments for Any Orthopedic Condition

We depend so much on our hands, feet and joints in our everyday activities – and when that use is compromised by an injury or chronic condition, the loss of function can hurt as much as the actual pain itself. At Rochester Regional Health, our orthopedic teams are committed to bringing you the full functionality you need, and the lasting relief you deserve.

No matter what your diagnosis, our highly trained orthopaedic teams will work with you to carefully develop a personalized treatment plan that relieves pain and restores function.

Depending on your condition and recovery goals, non-surgical and surgical treatments may include a comprehensive consultation, followed by physical therapy or other therapeutic measures; minimally invasive techniques like arthroscopy that can be conducted on an outpatient basis; or podiatric or orthopaedic procedures such as tendon and cartilage repair or joint replacement. 

Common Conditions We Treat