Orthopaedic Patient Stories


Meet Our Patients

Our Rochester Regional Health Orthopedics team has helped thousands of patients get back on their feet. Meet some of our patients below!

Courtney's Story: MACI

Courtney Johnson's knees were deteriorating at a young age, but with the help of our orthopaedic team, her road to recovery looks bright. Watch how a state-of-the-art revolutionary procedure being performed by Dr. Christopher Brown got Courtney back on her feet. 

Chuck's Story: Hip Replacement

Chuck Doell is the oldest man in his weekly golf league and is the only person to walk the course each week. He received two hip replacements from Rochester Regional Health and recently netted a hole-in-one!

Larry's Story: Knee Replacement

Larry Curtis put off knee replacement surgery for more than 35 years. The ski instructor at Bristol Mountain was afraid he was going to lose his life passion. But after surgery with Dr. Alexander, he is now back on the slopes and is no longer in pain.