Non-Surgical Shoulder Treatment

Conservative, Non-Surgical Shoulder Treatments

Surgery is not always the right treatment for shoulder pain. Our providers will often start with non-surgical shoulder treatments focused on providing you lasting relief from pain without shoulder surgery. If you are struggling with shoulder pain, schedule a consultation with one of our expert providers today! 

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Treatment Options

Often, the first treatment your orthopaedic shoulder provider recommends will be a non-surgical, conservative option. Some conditions, like bursitis, fracture, "frozen shoulder," tendonitis, and osteoarthritis, may do best with non-surgical treatments. 

At Rochester Regional Health's Shoulder Pain Program, we have a wide range of non-surgical treatments focused on restoring your function and reducing your pain. Your provider will personalize your non-surgical treatments to best meet your needs, and your options may include:

  • Medications - Your medication options include over-the-counter pain relievers, oral steroids, anti-inflammatory medications, non-narcotic pain relievers, as well as biologics
    •  Biologics are medications that target specific parts of your immune system to treat disease. They are especially useful for arthritis, as they can ease inflammation in your body while stopping joint damage and improving your quality of life.
  • Cortisone injections - Your provider will inject steroid medication right into the affected joint space, bursa, or the area around an inflamed tendon. Cortisone injections work to reduce both pain and inflammation.
  • Activity modification - Your orthopaedic surgeon may advise you to stop or modify your activities to reduce your pain and your risk of re-injury. These modifications will be individualized to fit your lifestyle and activity levels.
  • Physical therapy - Working closely with our physical therapy colleagues, your provider will connect you with an expert to help you strengthen your shoulder muscles, restore movement, lessen pain, and reduce the odds of re-injury.

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