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At the Vein Treatment Center in Rochester, NY we offer guidance to our patients throughout the process – answering your questions, providing you with essential screening and care, and following-up to ensure you are living symptom free from your vein issues. Formerly The Vein Institute, and now part of Rochester Regional Health, we offer the full range of treatments and are there for you through every step of the process.

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Getting Started and The Initial Consultation

Vein Screening Consultation

Vein screenings are educational opportunities. Why do we do these? One of the most frequent complaints we get is that patients wish that they had been diagnosed and treated earlier, but many people (including other physicians and patients themselves) don't know that veins are the cause of their problems. To schedule your vein screening, please call (585) 922-VEIN (8346) or schedule directly online.

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What To Expect During Your First Appointment 

The initial consultation is a comprehensive exam of the veins in your leg performed to determine what treatment, if any, is appropriate for you. It is mandatory for any patient who has symptoms and is a candidate for varicose vein procedures to undergo this exam, whether or not they have had a vein screening.

At this comprehensive venous workup, you will fill out history forms. Then, you will have your leg veins checked with ultrasound, including the problematic varicose veins, which will be mapped. You will have an in-depth discussion with one of our physicians or physician assistants to explain the background of varicose veins, the details of your ultrasound, your treatment options, and the risks, benefits, and alternatives of treatment. You will be given time to ask any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Vein Treatment Center at Rochester Regional Health is Rochester NY’s premiere practice treating venous disease. Call us at 585-922-VEIN (8346) to schedule an appointment or schedule your vein screening by filling out our form online.
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