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An important part of ensuring your health, through every stage of life.

Your annual gynecologic exam, also referred to as an annual OBGYN visit, is an important part of ensuring your health, through every stage of life. That's why our Rochester Regional Health OBGYNs recommend these visits - so that we can help to prevent problems before they occur or find problems earlier so that they're easier to treat and less likely to pose a serious risk to your health. 

What Happens During My Annual Gynecologic Exam? 

During your annual OBGYN visit we'll: 

  • Talk about your health as a woman
  • Talk about your life and any issues or changes you're dealing with 
  • Do a breast exam to check that your breast tissue feels normal and look for any noticeable lumps. Although this is only done once a year by your provider, it's important to check yourself on a regular basis or schedule a mammogram if you are due for one. 
  • Do a quick pelvic exam - this only takes a few minutes but is extremely important for your health. Your doctor will check your reproductive organs (including your vulva, vagina, cervix and uterus). Your doctor will also check for ovarian cysts, sexually transmitted infections and certain cancers. 
  • You may also have a pap smear during your pelvic exam. The guidelines for how frequently women need pap smears or pap tests have recently changed, so your doctor will talk to you about whether this is necessary. 

Scheduling Your OBGYN Visit

Call your OBGYN office or 585-922-LINK to schedule your annual gynecologic exam today. 

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