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Food Sourcing and Organic Waste


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Our Commitment to Sustainable Food Practices

At Rochester Regional, we're adopting responsible and sustainable food sourcing while also tackling organic waste. Our goal? To nourish our patients and staff with fresh, healthy offerings and make a positive difference to the environment and our local economy.

Many challenges abound in our U.S. food system: an overemphasis on cost reduction neglecting nutrition value, leading to unhealthy eating habits, and rising environmental concerns. Remarkably, while over 68% of U.S. citizens are classified as obese or overweight, healthier eating options remain elusive to most.

Add to this, nearly 40% of our food is wasted or tossed into landfills. And consider the average journey of food, spanning 1,500 to 2,500 miles, from farm to your plate—a significant environmental footprint. We're driven to change this perspective! We strive to foster healthier eating habits, provide nutritious food options, reduce food wastage, convert inevitable waste into renewable electricity, and continuously enhance our sourcing from local suppliers.

Did you know? We source 20% of our purchased produce from local farms.

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