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Admissions - Medical Laboratory Science Program

The Admissions cycle begins in August for the following year. The Program deadline for all applications, references, and transcripts to be received in order to be considered for the following academic year is December 1 since some admissions decisions are beginning to be made by October. Applications will continue to be accepted, however candidates should be aware that the bulk of admissions are concluded before or shortly after January 1.

New York State has licensure laws in place for Medical Laboratory Scientists. These laws were updated in January 2023 to include several pathways to licensure. The program accepts students who are in 3+1 programs (completed 3 years of study at home college or university). With the addition of several pathways to licensure, the program once again may accept 4+1 students with a bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, or a physical science, provided that they have completed their required coursework.

Required Course Work:

Biological sciences: minimum of 16 semester hours or 24 quarter hours
Chemistry: minimum of 16 semester hours or 24 quarter hours

  • Inorganic chemistry with lab component
  • Analytical chemistry and/or biochemistry with lab component
  • Organic chemistry with lab component
  • Physiology with anatomy content with lab component
  • Immunology/serology
  • Molecular biology with lab component
  • Microbiology with lab component
  • Statistics

Applicants with a baccalaureate degree who completed the minimum required coursework seven or more years before application must update their academic preparation by enrolling in and completing courses in Microbiology, Immunology, Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology/Genetics, at the discretion of the program director, with a grade of B or better to ensure academic preparedness.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Score Requirements:

TOEFL-iBT: No grade below 18 for reading, listening and writing. Speaking must be between 23-30, and overall score 80+.
IELTS: No grade below 6 for listening, writing and speaking. No grade below 7 for speaking, and overall score 6.5+.

For students that attended a college/university outside of the United States, a course-by-course evaluation (not a summary) is required by an ASCP approved agency.

At the conclusion of the program, all students are eligible to sit for a national certification examination which will allow you to obtain a NYS license. Our students have historically done extremely well on comprehensive challenge examination.

Financial Aid:
We do not participate in the New York State Higher Education Services Corporate Student Loan Program or in federal loan programs. Students that wish to obtain financial aid must do so through their college/university.