Behavioral Health

The region's largest and most comprehensive Behavioral Health service provider.

Some people come to us because mental or emotional problems make it difficult for them to cope with the stresses of daily life. Others are referred to us because they are trapped in a continuing cycle of addiction to alcohol, drugs or some other harmful substance or behavior. They all come to us to get better.

With each individual's unique needs as our guide, we bring compassion, understanding and respect to the therapeutic relationship. Rochester Regional Health takes a personalized approach to treatment, so each client receives customized care based on their individual needs. This is why Rochester Regional Health has achieved a high rate of success in treating clients addicted to problem substances and those with mental illness.

Chemical dependency

Today, 22 million Americans abuse drugs or alcohol. That alarming statistic proves one thing: Chemical dependency is a big problem in every community, and it damages thousands of lives in Rochester and Monroe County every year. Rochester Regional Health Chemical Dependency provides the most comprehensive and personalized treatment services in Western New York for adolescents, adults, older adults and their families. Learn more +

Mental health

Many of us throughout our lifetime will face a psychiatric illness such as depression, anxiety disorder, or grief. Seeking professional help is an important part of recovery and helps develop self awareness, confidence and coping skills. Rochester Regional Health can help. Learn more +

Children & Adolescents

If your child has difficulty at home, at school or in social settings because of emotional or behavioral problems, the Rochester Regional Behavioral Health's Child & Family Program can encourage the development of alternative coping strategies, problem-solving skills and improving socialization skills and communication within the family. Learn more +

Rochester Regional Health is licensed by the State of New York as a full-service health system with specialized behavioral health services and is also accredited by the New York State Office of Mental Health and the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services.