Cancer Specialists Who Specialize In You

The Lipson Cancer Institute was founded on a commitment to provide comprehensive cancer care from one integrated program, in which experts in hematology/oncology, radiation treatment and surgical oncology work together to treat the unique needs of each patient.

Each day, our highly trained and dedicated oncology teams utilize leading-edge medical technology to create and administer personalized cancer treatment plans for our patients. Each member of your team works seamlessly with the others to ensure you receive coordinated, comprehensive care before, during, and after cancer.

Your Comprehensive Care Team

In addition to the specialists listed above, your team may also include doctors from other specialties –such as dermatologists, gynecologists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, urologists – who specialize in the part of the body affected by the type of cancer you have. Your primary care provider will also stay involved in your day-to-day health needs so all members of your care team stay up to date on your treatment plan.

Meet Our Experts

Meet the compassionate experts at Lipson Cancer Institute.

Leadership Team

Medical Oncologists & Hematologists

Radiation Oncologists

Surgical Oncologists

Breast Surgical Oncologists

Palliative Medicine Specialists