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Our patients inspire us every day with their strength, determination, persistence, and sense of hope in the battle against cancer.  Hear first-hand from our incredible patients who are proud to share their cancer journey and treatment experience at the Lipson Cancer Institute.

Rick Murtha's Story

Rick knew something wasn’t right when he found himself lacking energy to complete simple tasks, but was shocked to receive a diagnosis of esophageal cancer. Thanks to the expertise and compassionate care of Dr. Liang and the team at Lipson Cancer Institute, Rick is back to doing what he loves – and inspiring others along the way.

Glen Campbell's Story

After retirement, Glen never imagined he’d be faced with a cancer diagnosis. But thanks to the coordinated efforts of the team at Lipson Cancer Institute, Glen has been given a “second chance”.

Sydney Abbate's Story

As a young 29 year old, Sydney was high-energy, training as a sous chef at Wegmans, when things suddenly had to slow down. Thanks to Dr. Jamshed and the Acute Leukemia Program at Lipson Cancer Institute, Sydney is looking forward to getting back to her active lifestyle and cooking again. 

Rob Pinson's Story

Over the course of a few months, Rob Pinson went from relatively healthy to undergoing cancer treatment. The staff at the Lipson Cancer Institute were there for him every step of the way.

Rodney Graham's Story

As a life-long farmer, Rodney Graham relies on his continuous energy and strength to get him through his long days. Thanks to the Acute Leukemia Program at Lipson Cancer Institute, Rodney is able to enjoy life on the farm once again. 

Steve Cottom's Story

Ten years after his cancer diagnosis, Steve Cottom and his wife Jane say that is was the care Steve received at the Lipson Cancer Institute that made their 50th wedding anniversary possible.

Kaylee Stone's Story

At 30 years old, Kaylee Stone was diagnosed with breast cancer. See how she took on treatment with the help of the amazing Lipson Cancer Institute team at Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic.

Shannon Brean's Story

Shannon Brean was discovering the joys of motherhood. She and her husband were creating memories with their six-month-old baby boy when she got the news: she had breast cancer.

Kathleen Cook's Story

The shock and fear of hearing she had breast cancer overwhelmed Kathleen Cook but the mother of two faced cancer head on — and survived.
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