Gastroenterology Patient Resources

Approaching GI Procedures Hand-in-Hand

Before and after gastrointestinal procedures, you may have questions or concerns. Your safety and satisfaction are our number one priority. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have. We welcome your questions and feedback and want you to be comfortable while you are with us.

Helpful Resources

  • Common Endoscopy Procedures

    View a list of common gastroenterology and endoscopic procedures and learn about what to expect, how to prepare and how our team will help you throughout the process.

    Learn About Common Procedures
  • Information on Special Diets

    If medically necessary, your Rochester Regional Health provider or dietician may ask you to follow a Clear Liquid or Low Fiber diet. In addition to any directions they give you, please view this helpful resource.

    Learn About Special Diets
  • Patient Instructions for Endoscopy

    Your safety and your satisfaction are our #1 priority. One of our primary goals is to make every step of your endoscopy as efficient as possible. Learn about what to expect and see answers to common questions.

    Prepare For My Endoscopy
  • Emmi Educational Videos

    Emmi, our online health library, will take complex medical information and make it easy for you and your family to understand. These online programs can help you prepare for an upcoming procedure or manage your chronic condition.

    Take Me to Emmi