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A Wide Array of Support Services

Healthy Living at United Memorial Medical Center provides you with a wide range of diabetes services and support. Call us today at (585) 344-5331.

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Diabetes Education

Our certified educators help you to understand and manage diabetes, with an emphasis on self-management, allowing you to achieve your health goals.

Living Healthy with Diabetes

Our education programs are accredited by the American Diabetes Association. Topics include Getting to Know Diabetes, What’s Your Number?, What Can I Eat? and Medications and Complications. We offer day, afternoon, and evening classes to best meet your needs! 

Diabetes Support Group

Find a supportive environment designed exclusively for people with diabetes and their families.

Diabetes Prevention

This CDC-recognized program helps participants prevent type 2 diabetes by making real lifestyle changes such as eating healthier, integrating physical activity into their daily lives, and improving problem-solving and coping skills.

The Diabetes Support Program is managed and facilitated by Healthy Living at United Memorial Medical Center.

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Find Your Diabetes Support

The Healthy Living Programs from United Memorial Medical Center provides a wealth of services to help patients and family. Whether you want to take preventative measures against type 2 diabetes or learn to manage diabetes, out certified educators are here to help – call us today at (585) 344-5331.
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