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Real Remote Medical Exams from Home

With TytoCare in your hands and your doctor with you on video, getting answers just got easier.

What is TytoCare?

TytoCare is a hand-held examination kit and linked app that lets your health care provider guide you through medical exams anywhere, anytime.

This portable medical exam kit enhances the virtual visit experience by linking to your provider and allowing you to capture high-quality sounds and readings that are sent straight to them. TytoCare can capture:

  • Heart sounds
  • Lung sounds
  • Body temperature
  • Heart rate
  • Videos and images of the inner ears, skin, and throat

TytoCare is perfect for all health appointments – virtual urgent care visits through ExpressCare, scheduled visits with primary care providers who use TytoCare, and specialty visits.

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Using TytoCare for Your Visit

A TytoCare Medical Exam Kit is ideal for virtual health care visits – both on-demand visits and previously scheduled appointments.

On-Demand Visits

Virtual video visits are available without a scheduled appointment through ExpressCare, Rochester Regional Health’s video health care service. ExpressCare is available 7 days a week for patients ages 2 and older who reside in New York State. This service can be used to treat common non-emergency conditions.

Scheduled Visits

These visits are for appointments set up ahead of time with your primary care provider or specialist who participate in TytoCare. View the list of participating practices here.

TytoCare Medical Exam Device
Visit the RRH TytoCare online store to purchase your medical exam kit today!

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How TytoCare Works

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Turn TytoCare on and launch your app

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Connect with your provider and they will guide you through the exam

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Get a diagnosis and prescription

Why Do I Need TytoCare?

TytoCare allows you to skip the waiting room, and receive thorough care from the comfort of home. Your healthcare provider will walk you through the steps you’d experience in-office and can diagnose and prescribe within minutes.
With the TytoCare Exam Kit, you can get a diagnosis and treatment for many common conditions such as:


Bug Bites



Ear Infections


Pink Eye


Sinus Pain

Stomach Aches

Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help?

Do you need assistance with TytoCare or have additional questions?
View our TytoCare Quick Start User Guide (TytoCare Quick Start User Guide – Spanish)

Contact Us:
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Email: [email protected]

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Ready for Easy, At-Home Visits?

If you are ready to get accurate diagnoses, prescriptions, and save money with visits from the comfort of your own home, buy TytoCare today. With the TytoCare Exam Kit in your hands, you have access to always-available medical professionals anytime, anywhere.
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