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Twig Birthing Center

Our expert team of providers are conveniently located at Rochester General Hospital. We're combining cutting-edge technology and exceptional care for mothers and babies.

A birthing experience you will cherish

Nothing in life is more special than having a baby.  At Rochester General Hospital's Twig Birthing Center, we partner with you to give you all you could want from the birthing experience.

From our experienced birthing staff to our leading-edge technology to the personalized options we provide, everything puts you and your baby first. The birth of a baby is one of life’s most beautiful moments.  When that special day comes, you want everything to be perfect, and at the Twig Birthing Center, so do we.

Rochester General’s Twig Birthing Center features:

  • 16 spacious, home-like birthing suites where labor, delivery, and recovery occur in one place
  • Labor/delivery area – for higher risk deliveries.  If you require a cesarean delivery, you will not be able to deliver in a birthing suite.  Instead, you will be brought to a traditional delivery room to have your baby.
  • Highly skilled, highly caring physicians, nurse midwives, and nurses to partner with you throughout your delivery
  • State-of-the-art obstetrical services, and a Level II special care nursery with Neonatologists and Pediatricians available 24-hours-a-day
  • A “Baby-Friendly” designation. At Rochester General Hospital, we adhere to and promote the World Health Organization’s initiative to support a mother’s choice to breastfeed. We have internationally certified nurse lactation consultants on staff ready to assist new moms in all aspects of breastfeeding. Also, all nurses caring for you are skilled in helping breastfeeding families.
  • A Newborn Care Team that specializes in the care of term or near-term healthy newborns
  • Lots of little extras, like free phone service, a special dinner, a variety of well-baby educational programs, and breastfeeding assistance is available 24 hours a day

For more information or a tour of the Rochester General Hospital TWIG Birthing Center, call (585) 922-5465.

Other birthing options

  • All rooms in the TWIG Birthing Center have fully reclining chairs where your support person can spend the night if you wish.  If you’re a patient on the Women’s Care Unit, a chair can be obtained if you want your support person to spend the night.
  • A whirlpool tub is available for your comfort while you are in labor.
  • 24-hour anesthesia coverage with the latest pain relief options
  • A Level II Special Care Nursery allows mothers to deliver with confidence.
  • Women often want family members present during their delivery; some want to have photographs taken; others request special music.  Please discuss any individual wishes with your physician or midwife before admission.
  • Our staff of professional nurses will care for you around the clock. They are available to answer your questions 24-hours-a-day – even after you go home.
  • Staff from our social work department are available to help coordinate home care, if necessary, and can put you in touch with community agencies that provide support services to patients.

Resources for expecting and new parents

The TWIG Birthing Center offers many resources for expecting and new parents, including: