Be a Goodwill Ambassador for Breast Health

Help Make Mammograms More Accessible

Our Mobile Mammography Center brings state-of-the-art breast cancer screenings to convenient locations, including businesses and health centers, to make this vital service more accessible to the women in our community.

By partnering with us, your organization can play a crucial role in bringing access to women in your neighborhood, where they live or work. We can customize our on-site screenings to suit the unique needs of each group we serve.

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Mobile Mammography

Inside Our Mobile
Mammography Center

Spacious Mobile Coach: Our Mobile Mammography Coach, designed with a soothing atmosphere, is equipped with advanced 3D mammography technology.

Dressing Rooms:
With patient privacy in mind, we offer comfortable dressing rooms, ensuring a dignified and reassuring experience.

Certified Mammography Technologist: Our team includes certified mammography technologists and board-certified Breast Imaging Radiologists, ensuring top-quality care.

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Benefits for Your Organization and Community

Partnering with us brings multiple benefits:

  • Demonstrating Corporate Citizenship: Show your commitment to community health to your employees and community.
  • Raising Breast Cancer Awareness: Educate and inform your community about the importance of regular screenings.
  • Attracting More Visitors: Increase foot traffic and interest in your site.
  • Reducing Employee Downtime: Offer convenient health services on-site, bringing the appointment to employees and minimizing work interruptions.

Your Role in Our Partnership

As our Partner, You Will Need to:

Provide a Suitable Host Site

Offer a spacious, level outdoor area, like a parking lot, ensuring ample space and access to a restroom.

Assign a Dedicated Coordinator

Designate a coordinator from your organization as the primary liaison. They will collaborate with us on all logistical aspects, ensuring a seamless partnership experience.

Coordinate Scheduling and Site Preparation

Work with us to schedule specific dates and times for the Mobile Center's visit. Ensure the site is prepared and cleared in advance for the setup and smooth operation of the center.

Promote Breast Cancer Screening Access

Help raise awareness and encourage participation in breast cancer screenings at your location. Utilize the Marketing Toolkit we provide below to effectively communicate the availability and importance of these screenings to your community.

Your Partner Marketing Toolkit

Below you’ll find our toolkit of essential marketing materials to help share the message of the Rochester Regional Health Mobile Mammography Center with your organization and community.

For any queries or additional support, please contact us at (585) 922-9816.

Partner With Us

Join us in making health screenings more accessible. Learn how you can host a mammogram event.