Cutting-Edge Technology for Breast-Conserving Surgery

Rochester Regional Health’s Breast Center and Lipson Cancer Institute are dedicated to treating our patients with the latest breast cancer technology.

SAVI SCOUT® is used to locate a tumor and allows for more precise breast surgeries in women with early-stage breast cancer. Lipson Cancer Institute was the first in the region to offer SAVI SCOUT® radar localization technology.

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What is SAVI SCOUT®?

SAVI SCOUT® is an alternative to previous wire localization methods, which placed a thin wire into the breast to mark the tumors location during surgery.

SAVI SCOUT® is a zero-radiation, wire-free system that helps our surgeons accurately pinpoint tumors before lumpectomy surgery to treat breast cancer.

How Does SAVI SCOUT® Work?

Up to 30 days before surgery, a small reflector the size of a grain of rice is placed into the breast. The reflector is inactive until surgery, when safe, nonradioactive radar signals are used to pinpoint its location within your breast.

The nonradioactive surgical guidance technology guides our surgeons to the precise site of your tumor during surgery allowing them to more precisely and effectively remove the entire tumor.

Benefits of SAVI SCOUT®

The advantages of the SAVI SCOUT® technology may include:

  • More accurate tumor detection
  • Reduced stress and discomfort due to eliminating the need for wires protruding from the patient’s breast
  • Increased probability of complete cancer removal
  • Possibility of smaller incisions
  • Removal of less breast tissue for better cosmetic results
  • Reduced likelihood of needing follow-up surgeries

Who is Eligible for SAVI SCOUT®?

SAVI SCOUT® is designed to help treat early-stage breast cancer patients who choose to have lumpectomy surgery.

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