Hidden Scar Breast Surgery

A Life-Changing Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Surgery

We understand that a breast cancer diagnosis can have an immense impact on the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of you and your family. But with advanced surgical techniques, like Hidden Scar® breast cancer surgery, our breast surgeons are now able to effectively treat cancer while helping patients achieve optimal cosmetic results and improved self-confidence.

Rochester Regional Health’s Breast Center was the first in Western New York to offer Hidden Scar® surgery.

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What is Hidden Scar Breast Surgery?

Hidden Scar® breast cancer surgery is an advanced type of breast cancer surgery where the incision sites are hidden, and scars are not visible when the incision heals. The Hidden Scar® approach can be performed for both nipple sparing mastectomy or lumpectomy procedures. The goal of the procedure is to preserve the physical appearance of the breast and leave little trace of the surgery after the incision site heals.

"This surgery option provides women with a level of confidence in survivorship that wasn't attainable with previous surgery methods.  "

Who is a candidate for Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery?

Hidden Scar® breast cancer surgery may be appropriate for a wide range of breast cancer patients undergoing nipple-sparing mastectomy or breast-conserving (lumpectomy) procedures. 

You may be a candidate for a Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery if:

  • your tumor is small compared to the size of your breast
  • your tumor is confined to a specific area of the breast
  • your tumor is small enough that your breast surgeon can completely remove the tumor as well as some margin of normal tissue around it
  • cancerous cells have not spread to the nipple

What to expect during Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery

The main difference in what to expect with Hidden Scar® surgery vs traditional mastectomy or lumpectomy is where your surgeon makes the incision.

Hidden Scar Lumpectomy
Hidden Scar NippleSparing Masectomy

Hidden Scar Lumpectomy
Incision Locations

Hidden Scar Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy
Incision Locations

During a Hidden Scar® lumpectomy surgery, your surgeon will make the incision in your armpit, in the crease under your breast, or along the border of the areola (around the nipple).

During a Hidden Scar® mastectomy procedure, your surgeon will make the incision in the crease under your breast.

Benefits of Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery

This life-changing technique can:

  • lessen the emotional impact of surgery, by leaving no visible reminders
  • increase self-confidence
  • offer an overall greater sense of well-being
  • make general reconstructive surgery easier (if needed)

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