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A Team of Experts Working For You

Our breast cancer team is a group of specialists working together toward one goal: providing expert, patient-centered breast cancer care.

  • Breast surgeons: Perform surgery to prevent, diagnose and treat breast cancer
  • Medical oncologists: Experts in chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy for breast cancer treatment
  • Radiation oncologists: Plan and administer radiation therapy treatments
  • Breast pathologists: Examine breast biopsies and surgical samples with a microscope to make diagnoses that help guide treatment decisions
  • Radiologists and Mammographers: Interpret medical images during screening, diagnosis, and treatment related to breast cancer
  • Genetic cancer specialists: Provide risk assessment, education and support related to hereditary breast cancer
  • Nurse navigator: Our nurse navigator is here to assist you during your journey by helping with the scheduling of appointments and tests and acting as a point of contact between the various members of your healthcare team.

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