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Expert Health Care for Seniors

Our Geriatric Medicine program specializes in assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and management of health conditions for older patients. We help seniors stay as healthy and independent as possible by providing multispecialty care for both common and complex conditions across multiple health care settings. Our team of experts holds a deep respect for the people we care for, and a commitment to working with patients, family members, and caregivers to ensure quality of life and health for all.
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Our Geriatric Medicine Services

At Rochester Regional Health, we recognize the psychological and physical challenges associated with aging. Our geriatricians work with older patients (ages 55+) to provide the care and guidance needed to navigate age-related changes, and to maintain the highest quality of life and well-being possible. Our interdisciplinary team offers a full range of primary care for seniors, including:

  • Management of complex medical conditions: Many seniors manage multiple medical conditions, such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and neurological conditions. Our team has special training in how multiple conditions interact in an aging body.
  • Medication management: Our geriatricians help manage multiple medications and provide safe dosages. This management reduces the risk of dangerous drug interactions and overmedication. 
  • Memory clinic: People with dementia receive a thorough assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plan from a geriatrician.
  • Mental health screenings: We identify and evaluate mood or personality changes that could indicate depression, anxiety, or a neurological disorder. 
  • Fall assessments: Injury from a fall is a big concern for families and seniors as they can result in fractures, or worse, the loss of independence. We evaluate your risk of falling with a fall assessment. Since certain medical conditions increase the likelihood of a fall, proper assessment and intervention can help us improve these situations and reduce the risk. 
  • Inpatient care coordination: If you need hospitalization, your physician works with your inpatient care team to ensure they're aware of your medical needs. 
  • Transitional care management: We help you transition to the next appropriate care setting after hospitalization. Social workers and nurses coordinate hospice or palliative care, rehabilitation, or home care. 
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Additional Services Provided at Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and Independent Living Facilities

Our Geriatricians provide medical services to a number of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and independent living facilities in our community. Our physicians also act as medical directors to a number of these locations.

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Our Team

Our team of geriatricians are experts in their field -- for our patients, this means we deliver the highest quality of comprehensive care to help increase the health and well-being of every individual. To us, providing care is personal. We partner with patients, and work with each individual -- coordinating care to ensure they meet their goals.
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