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Lipson Cancer Institute

When it comes to cancer, you need the best team in your corner.


Patient-to-Patient Cancer Support

CANCER HOPE NETWORK                                                        
Phone: (877) HOPE-NET

AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY                                                   
Phone: (877) 333-4673

CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK                                                    
View Website

LEUKEMIA AND LYMPHOMA SOCIETY                                         
Phone: (800) 784-2368

FIRST CONNECTION                                                                    
View Website

ALLIANCE FOR LUNG CANCER (ALCASE)                           
Phone (800) 298-2436

The services and programs listed above are offered to our patients and their families as a resource. This list is not meant to be all inclusive, does not constitute a recommendation by Rochester Regional Health, nor an assurance as to the quality of services provided. Please reach out to your on-site social worker for more information. 
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