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Exceptional Care for Fainting and Dizziness

The Syncope Center at Rochester Regional Health is a comprehensive center for the evaluation of fainting, dizziness or palpitations. We use a unique, centralized approach to care. Rather than sending you to multiple specialists at different locations, most evaluations will be performed at the Syncope Center. As a result, you benefit from a quicker diagnosis and more effective treatment.

Am I a Candidate for the Syncope Center?

Fainting, or “Syncope” (pronounced sink-oh-pee), affects millions of Americans every year. In fact, it is so common that one out of every three people has “passed out” at least once. Some causes of syncope are harmless, while others can be life threatening. In the most serious cases, fainting can be a sign of the risk of dying suddenly.

Cardiovascular causes of syncope can be among the most serious. One of the most common heart-related causes is change in the heart rhythm which inhibits proper pumping function of the heart. In these cases, the heart beats too slowly, rapidly or irregularly to pump enough blood to key parts of the body, including the brain. Other causes of syncope include some neurological disorders, psychological conditions, dehydration, and certain situations such as standing up too fast or being in a hot room.

If you have passed out, get dizzy or have heart palpitations that leave you lightheaded, call the Syncope Center for an evaluation at (585) 368-4543.

Dr. Sarah Taylor
Dr. Sarah Taylor leads the Syncope Center at Rochester Regional Health.