Heart Patient Stories

Care That Saves Lives

At the Sands-Constellation Heart Institute at Rochester Regional Health, we are inspired every day by our patients and their journeys.

Heart problems had run in Robert Osborne's family and at the age of 54, he almost lost his life due to heart failure. Watch how the team at the Sands-Constellation Heart Institute helped him on his journey back to health.

After ten years of fertility treatments, Jennifer was finally pregnant. After delivering a healthy baby, she experienced complications that put her in a fight for her life. Dr. Scott Feitell, Director of Heart Failure, placed Jennifer on ECMO to help save her life. 

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Patty's Story

Last year, Patricia Long visited her cardiologist for a seemingly routine blood pressure stress test. What that test revealed was something incredibly rareā€”an atrial myxoma, a large tumor inside her heart.

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Gordon's Story

Gordon, 61, suffered his cardiac arrest at work last June and was rushed unconscious to Unity. Doctors restarted his heart, but he remained unresponsive.

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Henry's Story

Henry Adams figured his running days were over after undergoing cardiothoracic surgery, coronary artery bypass grafting and aortic valve replacement in June 2016 at Rochester General Hospital.

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Kate's Story

Thirty-eight year old Kate Hall of Newark woke up with pain in her chest. The busy mother of five was concerned, by not too worried, so she asked her husband Jon to drive her to her doctor's office for a quick checkup.

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