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Cardiac Rehab

It can take years for a heart condition to develop, and resolving the issue isn’t an overnight process. At Rochester Regional, cardiac care doesn’t stop when you leave the hospital. Our Cardiac Rehabilitation programs provide comprehensive support that can restore your health or – even better – help you avoid cardiac problems altogether.

No matter what part of our region you call home, you’ll have convenient access to a program that can help you safely rebuild your strength and stamina.


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Program Phases

These medically supervised programs help heart patients recover quickly and improve overall physical and mental health. They're ideal for anyone who's had a cardiac event (heart attack, angioplasty, bypass surgery or heart valve surgery) or who may have two or more heart disease risk factors.

You will need a referral from your physician to enter this program. As you move through the phases, you'll receive ongoing evaluations and your exercise plan will be adjusted as needed. 

Phase I

Your cardiac rehabilitation begins before you leave the hospital. Phase I focuses on education: You and your family will learn about specific heart problems, and how to transition from the hospital back into your everyday life with a renewed, healthy outlook.

Phase II

This phase usually begins two to eight weeks after a cardiac event. It includes supervised exercise sessions designed to increase your cardiac strength, as well as instruction from trained educators about heart disease factors and lifestyle modifications that will keep you healthy. This phase can last between 12 and 18 weeks and is covered by most insurances.

Phase III

As your recovery progresses, you’ll be able to handle more strenuous exercise. That’s where this phase comes in: It’s less structured than Phase II, but includes more intense workouts – still supervised carefully by our Cardiac Rehabilitation teams. As with Phase II, this program usually lasts about three months. You should contact your insurer to determine coverage.

Additional Phases

Some Rochester Regional locations offer a Phase IV rehabilitation program, which builds on the progress established in the earlier phases by continuing your cardiac exercise regimen to better ensure a complete and lasting recovery. This is a self-pay program, not covered by insurance.