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Reuben Adams

r a adams mdDr. Adams was born in Marion, N.Y. on April 4, 1841. He received his early education in public schools and the Marion Collegiate Institute. During the Civil War, Dr. Adams served on active duty for three years and was honored with a special letter of commendation.

Upon his discharge he continued his medical education at the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia where he graduated in 1868.

He returned to upstate New York later that year and established his general practice in Churchville, N.Y. until 1872 when he relocated to Rochester.

Dr. Adams was a founding member of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital Medical Staff and served as the Vice President of the Medical Staff from 1889 until 1890 and President in 1899 and 1900. As a member of the visiting and consulting Staff from 1889 until his death in 1918, Dr. Adams became a beloved and respected member of the medical staff.

Additionally, Dr. Adams served as the City Physician of Rochester, President of the Monroe County and Rochester Homeopathic Medical Societies, and Vice-President of the New York State Homeopathic Medical Society, and a member of the American Institute of Homeopathy. His professional work and influence is credited in no small part for the advancement of homeopathy in Rochester and Western New York.

Dr. Adams died of cancer of the bladder on December 9, 1918. His colleagues on the medical staff paid tribute to his work for the record:

We regret and mourn his departure from this life but we are thankful for his associations which gave us cheer and stimulated our courage and zeal to attain the best in life.

C.R. Sumner
E.J. Bissell
W.S. Rambo