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Volunteering at United Memorial Medical Center

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Volunteer at United Memorial Medical Center

Volunteers play a vital role in the services we provide to our community and are a tremendous asset to our staff and patients. They are dedicated, caring people who are willing to share their special skills and talents. Each year, over 100 adult and junior volunteers contribute approximately 15,000 hours to United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC); the equivalent of eight full-time employees.

Volunteering is open to anyone at least 12 years of age. Volunteering does not require a large time commitment. Most volunteers contribute an average of two-to-four hours per week. Every attempt is made to match the volunteer's interest with the needs of the hospital.

The volunteer process includes completing:

  • An application
  • An interview
  • A Health Assessment - including proof of Immunization and Tuberculin Skin test (provided by the Hospital)
  • Orientation and Training

Volunteering offers an opportunity to meet new people and form new friendships, gain valuable experience and to make a difference.

Adult Application Junior Application


For more information, please contact Stacey Pastuszynski at (585) 344-7432 or email [email protected].


The UMMC League and the St. Jerome Guild are the two auxiliaries that support United Memorial Medical Center. Over the years each group has contributed many hours of volunteer service to the hospital along with monetary donations.

St. Jerome Guild, Inc.

In May 1917, a group of prominent women in Batavia met to organize the St. Jerome Aide Society. In 1956 this organization revised its by-laws and became known as the St. Jerome Guild.

Over the years the Guild held Fashion Shows, Dinner Dances and Auctions. Currently, the Guild's major fundraising project is the Gift Shop at the Jerome Center. They also staff the Coffee Kiosk at the Jerome Center.

Member participation in the activities of the Guild is not only a social experience but also enables the Guild to achieve its objectives for the year. Valuable donations have been made, contributing to better patient care.

United Memorial Medical Center League

The UMMC League was formed in 1969 with the merger of Genesee Memorial Hospital's Guild and Auxiliary. The League changed its name to the United Memorial Medical Center League upon the merger of the former Genesee Memorial and St. Jerome Hospitals.

In the past, the League has held various events such as Dinner Dances and Bazaars. The League operated the Snack Shop and the Gift Shop at North Street. With the addition of the Surgical Expansion Project in 2010, the Gift Shop was relocated and expanded in size and now includes a refreshment kiosk. Other fundraising activities throughout the year include book and jewelry sales, which are held at the hospital.

The UMMC League was organized to assist United Memorial Medical Center in providing for the health and welfare of our community. The League has a special interest in women's health issues.

Each group has about 125 members. Membership is open to all with nominal annual dues.